The market of LED lamps for architectural lighting today is a combination of the most diverse equipment and techniques that contain many effects and types of illumination of buildings and structures, green spaces and monuments, industrial and industrial objects. The use of LED light sources (LED) allows you to achieve the desired effect with design accuracy, using both white light of different temperatures (from 2200k to 6000k), and color (RGB and RGBW) lamps for a more unique illumination of the building in the evening and at night.
Advantages of LED-lamps for architectural lighting.
The main advantages of outdoor LED architectural lamps from the company “Light Technologies” are:
quality of the delivered products wide range for any task long service life and extended warranty compliance of the actual characteristics of the lamps with the declared materials used for production (aluminum, tempered glass, stainless steel, UV-resistant polymers) component base (high-quality LEDs from leading manufacturers NICHIA and CREE, optics and high-quality drivers) thoughtful and recognizable design of the case.
The use of architectural lighting fixtures.
Architectural lighting fixtures for buildings are part of almost any commercial lighting project. For example, lighting shopping and entertainment centers allows you to distinguish them with light from other buildings and attract more customers, which leads to an increase in sales. The situation is similar with business centers – high-quality lighting attracts more tenants.
Buildings equipped with architectural lighting stand out and look better and safer. The light makes it easier to find hotels and inns in an urban environment.
The light highlights urban accents in the evening, such as monuments, landmarks and historical buildings. Architectural LED lights can also improve and make more attractive industrial areas and structures.
Architectural lamps are used in the lighting of urban infrastructure objects: shopping and entertainment centers, sports complexes, historical buildings, churches, educational institutions, architectural monuments, office buildings, bridges, embankments, etc.
Each of these objects can be made unique in the evening. Often well-lit buildings become city attractions.
It is worth noting that LED lamps for architectural lighting should have an option that allows you to easily and quickly install these lamps on the object. At the same time, the illuminated object should look presentable in the daytime. Therefore, the aesthetics of components and the invisibility of lighting devices is an extremely important factor that we take into account when developing new lamps. At the same time, we want to note that when designing lighting, we adhere to the principle of “light is where it is needed”, which means that we will offer only such solutions in the feasibility of which we are fully confident.