It is no secret that the planned construction does not always reach its final stage. It happens that for various reasons, structures acquire the status of so-called “long-term construction”. However, the objects discussed here are very popular with travelers, despite the fact that their construction was stopped. Because even in their incomplete form, they have great value, both cultural and historical.
Westminster Cathedral, London.
The main Catholic cathedral in Wales and England began to be built in 1895, but the work that needs to be done to complete the construction , in particular with regard to the interior decoration, is still being tried to finish.
The construction of the International Space Station began in 1998. But for all the time of its existence in orbit, it has been upgraded more than once.
Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist, New York.
The first stone of this cathedral was laid by the workers at the end of December 1892, but the construction of the famous building is not finished to this day, which is why the church has acquired a second name among the people — “St. John Unfinished”.
Sagrada Familia, Barcelona.
The project, started in 1882 by Antonio Gaudi, continues to be completed at the present time. According to forecasts, all work will be completed no earlier than 2026.
Woodchester Mansion, Gloucestershire.
The building began to be erected in Woodchester in 1858, but after 12 years, its owner died and work stopped. At the moment, no one is going to finish the work yet, but even being incomplete, it has become a favorite tourist attraction.
New Zealand Parliament Building, Wellington.
The original parliament building burned down in a fire in 1907, but after 7 years it began to be restored. But the reconstruction works are still going on.
Ajuda Palace, Lisbon.
The builders began the creation of the beautiful Ajuda Palace in the Portuguese capital back in 1796. But regular interruptions and work stoppages delayed the construction process for many years.
Marble Hill Nuclear Power Plant, Indiana.
2.5 billion dollars and 7 years of construction work were spent on the construction of this structure, which was never completed. However, they do not intend to complete the construction yet, it is planned that in the future the structures will be dismantled.
National Monument of Scotland, Edinburgh.
Work on the construction of the monument, which began in 1822, was stopped three years later due to insufficient funding.