The architects named the most beautiful buildings in Donetsk.
Since 1995, July 1 is listed in the calendar of professional holidays of the country as the Day of the Architect. On the eve of the celebration, KP undertook to find out what professionals think about the modern appearance of Donetsk and how the architecture of the city has changed over the past 10 years. There is no doubt that our regional center with a relatively young history and typical buildings of the 50s and 60s can not boast of masterpieces worthy of UNESCO protection. However, in 1970, the World Organization for the Protection of Cultural Heritage paid Donetsk a compliment, recognizing it as “the greenest industrial center in the world”. But in the 90s, the city experienced a period of frozen construction. And only by the beginning of the new century in Donetsk began to revive the construction.
The monotony of shopping malls.
Most architects have their own rating of construction successes in Donetsk. However, without agreeing, all experts state that we have critically few interesting, functional and impressive projects with fresh ideas. Donetsk, alas, has not become a platform for architectural experiments. And now it is gradually turning into a faceless Eastern European city with monotonous candles of skyscrapers in the center and Soviet buildings on the outskirts. And yet.
The rating of the brightest objects of the mining capital opens the Green Plaza shopping center, which has light letters. The project was implemented thanks to Takamatsu. The construction of the long-suffering complex in the busiest place – on the Fire Square – lasted more than three years. Moreover, the construction finished at the height of the crisis of 2008-2009. As befits large-scale structures, the 17-storey building, clearly visible from anywhere in Donetsk, has its own highlight. It is known that a merchant’s mansion was located on Postyshev Street on the site of the new complex at the end of the XIX century. The exterior of the house is preserved only in photographs. But the architects decided to recreate its exact copy and fit the general appearance of the facade into the style of the shopping complex. However, the opinions of local architects were divided on this point: some called it a complete “cacophony of taste”, while others unanimously recognize it as an elegant curtsey to the history of the city.
As for the contenders for silver in the architectural rating, there are two of them. The first is called the complex of buildings on Panfilov Avenue-741-th block, better known as the residential complex “Central”. This conglomerate of residential buildings with a height of 7 to 17 floors is considered by architects to be perfectly integrated into the landscape. However, in this sense, it competes with the shopping center “Centaurus Plaza” on Mira Avenue – a fully mirrored class A office center with a chic view from the windows.
Disillusionment with the Gaudi house.
The bronze rating is also shared by several objects. Among them, Donetsk architects name several snow-white residential high-rises on Ilyich Avenue (opposite the hospital named after him). Kalinina-ed.), as well as the 235th quarter-a residential complex in the area of Shakhterskaya Square, on the site of the former Northern bus Station.

  • It is impossible not to note the architecture of such a large-scale and scattered object – as the central part of Donetsk. Reconstruction of the city center – Pushkin Boulevard, Embankment, Shcherbakov Park, squares, music park – is a major achievement. Now this is the face of Donetsk, its new image. And we will evaluate the significance of such an object only over time, ” says architect Viktor Romanchikov.
    Meanwhile, the vast majority of experts consider the house of Gaudi to be the main disappointment of Donetsk. The project, which was created on the Donbass land based on the “Casa Vicens” in Barcelona, is puzzling primarily for its color scheme. In addition, professionals recognize its architecture as incomplete. After all, the original idea was only partially realized, which blurs the whole impression of the creative high-rise.
    Specialist’s comment.
    Pavel Vigdergauz, winner of the USSR State Prize, member of the Union of Architects of the USSR and Ukraine, author of dozens of landmark projects in Donetsk and the region:
  • The current architecture of the city, alas, has no face. Concrete, glass, and monotony. Architecture has always stood on 3 positions: utility, durability and beauty. And now, alas, the last point is now forgotten. Functions dictate the appearance of objects, but there must also be the content of the architecture. Another point is the national color. We have lost the features that distinguish Ukrainian projects. And this is very unfortunate.