Architectural decor has been an ideal and irreplaceable tool for decorating every masterpiece, and now the heritage of world culture, since the most ancient times. You can see how, century after century, the elements of architectural decor were used to create original, unique structures in the style design, which captured the beginning and end of a particular period or era in the cultural revival. Despite the fact that we are currently experiencing an era of unprecedented flourishing and active rise of modernism, we use elements of architectural decor of various styles during construction, just like a millennium ago. Thanks to this, new projects of houses and buildings more and more fascinate us with their dazzling beauty, sophistication and uniqueness.
At the same time, with modern construction technologies, it is permissible to think about decorating buildings with facade stucco almost at the time of completion of its construction, using architectural decor in the decoration of the house as the final touch, giving stylishness and full-fledged design.
And all because the use of stucco pattern in the decoration of small details gives an additional image to the previously finished surfaces, making the facades of the house brighter, more contrasting, more expressive, emphasizing all the advantages of the design feature and hiding all the shortcomings.
Elements of architectural decor.
Our company is ready to offer at the moment more than three hundred names of elements of architectural decor, including cornices, moldings, architraves, brackets, pilasters, keystones, columns, various wall patterns, and other stucco products, the use in decorating the facade of which will give any project of the house an individual style, a unique completed image of a dream house.
A distinctive feature of our company is that we are ready not just to offer individual elements of architectural decor, but to make a selection of ready-made facade groups specifically for your home, choosing the best option. You can choose the entrance group, the design of windows, stairs, walls and roofs.
The material for the manufacture of all elements of architectural decor has long been stone, gypsum and concrete. Undoubtedly, they are examples of reliability and fundamental style and greatness. However, construction technologies do not stand still, a huge variety of various materials appear on the market, and a person who wants to transform his house into a castle chooses the cheapest, lightest and most convenient material. Many people prefer products made of foam, but we make products from our own unique composite material based on high-strength concrete, as it is the next step in technology.
Architectural decor made of foam.
Architectural decor made of foam undoubtedly has a number of advantages over other materials. Firstly, it is very economical, and secondly, it is resistant to external negative environmental influences and peak temperature fluctuations.
Architectural decor made of foam is one of the easiest both in terms of transportation and installation. Products made of foam can easily be given any color shade and a variety of shapes.
To prevent mechanical damage, the architectural decor made of foam is covered with a protective layer of marble chips, polymer compounds and other components that ensure a long service life.
Products made of foam have very high rates of heat preservation and resistance to moisture, which is a confirmation of maintaining an ideal appearance.
Facade architectural decor.
The facade architectural decor is slightly different from the interior, so several facts should be taken into account for its implementation:
The stucco decor should not be heavy. Finishing the walls from the outside with heavy stucco decor after the construction of the house can adversely affect the foundation and the integrity of the walls due to the high load. Architectural decor should be durable and resistant to physical influences. This is necessary so that in an emergency situation, the products are minimally deformed or not deformed, which means that they will not require repair. Products of facade architectural decor should be easily attached. This is a very important point, because with the complexity of fastening, you will need a complex expensive technique. Facade architectural decor should be resistant to external environmental factors, not shrink and not deform over time.
These qualities are mandatory if you want to decorate your home beautifully and for a long time. In addition, each of the materials used in the production of stucco products of architectural facade decoration has its own advantages and disadvantages. And if we take into account modern technologies, then our composite material has the most advantages and the least disadvantages. In addition, products made of Dvortsoff composite material have enough strength to be a support for building structures themselves.