With the development of modern engineering, we see how amazing skyscrapers appear on the streets of cities. With each new completion of construction, a new, more unique design appears, which would have been unthinkable once upon a time. And if, passing by such an incredible building, you look up, then you start to feel dizzy and take your breath away.
The most up-to-date selection of these incredible and most interesting wonders from around the world is collected for you.

  • World Trade Center – New York, USA.
    Also called the “Freedom Tower”, the center was built in an attempt to commemorate the original World Trade Center, which was destroyed in a terrorist attack in September 2001. The new mall was built in 2012 and is considered the tallest in the United States .
  • Evolution Tower – Moscow, Russia.
    The tower is located in Moscow City, is a twisted 54-storey skyscraper. “Evolution” is one of the ten tallest skyscrapers. Its shape is a double helix, symbolizing the tandem of people, their families and entire generations-hence the name.
  • Agora Tower-Taipei, Taiwan.
    The Taiwan tower, named ecological, is one of the largest residential developments in the region. Architect Vincent Callebout won a design competition for the project in 2010 and inspired by the structure of the DNA spiral, expressed it in the architecture of this unusual green building. This tower is called ecological not only because it is completely covered with green spaces, but also because only ecological materials are used for its construction. This is a real paradise in a bustling metropolis!
  • Lakhta Center – Saint Petersburg, Russia.
    This is a 462-meter skyscraper, the continuous concrete pouring of the foundation of the building of which is listed in the Guinness Book of Records in 2015. The building is also considered the northernmost in the world. Just look at the top of this building!
  • W350-Tokyo, Japan.
    The W350 tower is scheduled to be completed in 2041. The building, which consists of 70 floors, will include not only retail and office space, but also residential apartments. The structure was designed with the environment in mind – residents will enjoy the fresh air and sun inside the building. The idea in creating the complex is aimed at providing comfort and tranquility, so necessary in an urban environment.
  • Dynamic Tower – Dubai, UAE.
    The uniqueness of this building is that it can be different every day. The idea behind the construction is that each floor of this building will move around a stationary column. David Fisher, an architect who has never built a skyscraper before, calls this building ” designed by time, shaped by life, which will open up our vision of everything around us in a new way.” Would you like to live in a house that changes its appearance every day?
  • Grand Lisboa – Macau, China.
    Grandiose in its unusual interior, the iconic skyscraper that stands out on the Macau skyline with its bold and striking design. The inspiration for this design was the yellow lotus, which is the symbol of Macau . On permanent display at the hotel is the most flawless and largest diamond in the world.
  • Moscow State University — Moscow, Russia.
    The building of the tallest educational building in the world was built in 1755. MSU is the oldest and most famous Russian university with a huge territory and various buildings. And who wouldn’t want to study at such a university?
  • Bing Bend – New York, USA.
    If this U-shaped skyscraper, 1219 meters long, is built, it will become the tallest building in the world. It was designed by Ioannis Oikonomou.
  • Al-Nur Tower-Casablanca, Morocco.
    This 115-story building, reminiscent of the Tower of Sauron from The Lord of the Rings, may be the tallest on the African continent. The main idea of the design of the tower, conceptualized by designer Amede Santalo, is a fountain pen-a symbol of rewriting the future of Africa.
    What until recently seemed to us unusual, frightening and possible only in science fiction films created with the help of computer graphics, has become a reality. These unusual buildings, frightening for their height, look really impressive and powerful, and it seems that nothing can destroy them. These buildings are truly breathtaking.