According to the author’s project, these skyscraper cities will be able to be completely self-sufficient, providing residents with electricity, food and water by processing marine resources. And, of course, residents will be able to enjoy the sea views and stunning sunsets.
Biopyramide, Egypt.
This recreational complex is planned to be built between Cairo and the ancient pyramids. Construction technologies will help to contain the desertification of the city. Who knows, maybe this pyramid, like its predecessors, will become one of the wonders of the world for our descendants.
Ecorium, South Korea.
Created at the initiative of the National Environmental Institute of South Korea, the complex has an area of more than 33,000 hectares. This will be a unique project with wedge-shaped greenhouses, where environmental research will be conducted.
The central buildings will be built in such a way that the internal conditions can change under the influence of the external environment, which will help to save energy. This is an important indicator for a modern building, considering how much heating and electricity costs these days.
Cobra Towers, Kuwait.
The Cobra Towers project is one of the most vividly discussed architectural projects on the Internet. The construction of this skyscraper in Kuwait is planned for 2030. The tower is 1 km high.
The unusual architecture of the building requires special approaches, including in the design of the elevator; the shape of the towers does not allow the use of a standard elevator shape. Most likely, it will work on the principle of a pneumatic tube. The towers promise to become not only the tallest, but also the most beautiful skyscrapers in the world.
Underwater hotel.
The entertainment industry knows no boundaries: a group of architects from 103 International has developed a project for a grand underwater resort complex. Its surface area will be 80,000 sq. m.
The hotel is designed in such a way that each window offers a view of the marine underwater world). The same applies to the restaurant and entertainment complex. For those who like more traditional ways of relaxing, there is a part of the hotel located above the water.
Dragonfly Skyscraper, New York.
Another project of Vincent Kallebaut is a 700 m high vertical farm on Roosevelt Island.
The complex will be an ultra-modern village with a unique eco-environment in the largest metropolis in the world. According to the author’s design, there will be recreation areas, greenhouses, dairy and meat farms inside the building.
However, despite its advantages and environmental friendliness, the project did not receive proper support from the residents of the city, so its construction is still under great question.
Nomad, skyscrapers on Mars.
Our selection also includes such a crazy, at first glance, project. These buildings can move autonomously throughout the red planet, collecting the necessary elements from the surface, they produce greenhouse gases, thus heating Mars and gradually making it habitable.
Cloud Capture.
This is a revolutionary project by Korean architects. The design literally captures the clouds and transports them to the desert regions. The implementation of this project will not only change the color of the Land, but also help solve the problem of regions with low yields.
Thanks to Cloud Catcher, there will be more sunny days in London, and Central Africa will be saved from hunger.
Dawang Mountain Resort, China.
Dawang, which resembles the space station from the Sci-Fi movies, is scheduled to be finished soon. The 170 m high building, located above a ledge, includes a ski resort, an ice rink, a water park and hanging gardens.
Cities in the sky.
Tsvetan Toshkov, an architect from the UK, presented a project called “City in the Sky“.
It is a complex of lotus-shaped structures overlooking the city. On the tops of the lotuses, parks and recreation areas will be arranged, where residents of megacities will be able to hide from the hustle and bustle of the city, noise and dirt.