After the appearance of the Guinness Book of Records, people from all over the world began to try harder to achieve incredible achievements. Every year, old records are replaced by new ones, but there are the greatest examples that cannot be broken.

  • Ted Martin set a world record with 5,221 consecutive free throws Ted Martin made the most consecutive free throws (5,221) in Jacksonville (Florida, USA) on April 28, 1996. Despite the record, Ted didn’t even play basketball in high school.
  • Fernando Tatis hit two home runs in one inning On April 23, 1999, Fernando Tatis, then playing for the Cardinals, hit two home runs in one inning. Needless to say, his team won that day.
  • The man who survived lightning strikes 7 times Roy Sullivan was nicknamed “the lightning rod man”, because he survived after seven lightning strikes. Since 1936, he worked as a caretaker in the Shenandoah National Park. In 1942, lightning struck Roy Sullivan in the leg while he was on a fire tower, and the nail on his thumb was torn off. In 1969, as a result of a lightning strike while driving on a mountain road, Roy was left without eyebrows and lost consciousness. In 1970, another lightning strike led to an injury to the left shoulder, while the arm was paralyzed. It happened on the lawn of his own house. In 1972, a lightning strike on the territory of the administrative building of the forestry department set fire to Sullivan’s hair. After this incident, he always carried a container of water with him. On August 7, 1973, lightning struck Roy in the head while he was driving in a car through the territory of the forest entrusted to him. The impact set his hair on fire again, and the forester was thrown out of the car and his shoes were torn off. On June 5, 1976, the sixth lightning strike on the campsite resulted in a severe ankle injury. In 1977, on June 25, lightning sent Roy Sullivan to a hospital bed with burns to his chest and abdomen. Roy just wanted to go fishing. At the age of 71, Sullivan committed suicide by shooting himself in the stomach-reportedly out of unrequited love.
  • Charles Osborne with a hiccup attack that lasted 68 years Until the age of 28, Charles Osborne lived a normal life until a story happened. Charles was hanging up a pig for butchering, slipped, fell. He got up and began to hiccup endlessly. When examined, it was found that in the fall, Charles damaged a blood vessel in the head, which is connected to the neurons responsible for hiccups. The man first hiccupped 40 times per minute, and as he got older, the number dropped to 20. Despite the illness, Osborne married and had 8 children. The hiccups with which Charles lived almost all his life stopped in 1990, when he was 96 years old, and a few months later he died of a stomach ulcer.
  • Australian 26 years collects fluff from the navel In 2010, a resident of the Australian city of Perth, Graham Barker, was included in the Guinness Book of Records as the owner of the largest collection of fluff from his own navel. And the collection of” material ” Rem took up in 1984.
  • Michael Jackson’s album ” Thriller “became a 30-fold platinum album for the first time in history.Michael Jackson’s album” Thriller”, released in 1982, became the first record in history to sell 30 million copies in the United States.
  • Football score 222-0 In 1916, at Grant Field (Atlanta, Georgia), the Georgia Tech college football team defeated rival Cumberland by a score of 222-0.