Famous haunts of ghosts.
There are some places that are terrifying just by their appearance. These are all sorts of ancient castles and buildings, shrouded in legends about ghosts and other horrors, forests and lakes. Such places will be discussed in this collection.
Christchurch Monastery.
It is said that the tortured souls of dead monks wander through the territory of Christchurch Monastery, the great parish church on the south coast in England. The neighboring streets are filled with ghosts, which are called ‘gray ladies’, and in supernatural tours of the old Saxon town, tourists can visit the store that the locals left, frightened by frequent ghostly phenomena.
Brissac Castle, France.
Amidst the serene landscape of the Loire Valley, the Brissac Castle hides several terrible stories. For example, the story of a fifteenth-century nobleman, Jacques de Breze, who came across his wife cheating on him with another man and killed them both with a sword. Since then, visitors have been hearing terrible screams echoing through the castle walls. You can read about the castles of the Loire in a separate article.
Kloster Unterzell, Germany.
The Bavarian nun Maria Renata von Mossau was one of the last people in Germany to be accused of witchcraft. After being prescribed a number of crimes, such as Satanism and witchcraft, she was beheaded and her body cremated. And now, more than 260 years later, people still see her spirit wandering through the corridors of the convent.
Lavang Sevu.
The Dutch colonialists built Lavang Seva, and the Japanese turned it into a brutal internment camp, where prisoners were tortured and then killed. These days, tourists come to hunt ghosts. And in 2007, an Indonesian horror film was shot here.
Mount Everest, Nepal.
A lot of climbers die trying to climb Mount Everest. So, until now, eyewitnesses tell about the wandering ghost of Andrew Irwin, who disappeared while trying to climb the mountain in 1924. And also there is a climber George Malory, whose body was found in 1999, they were close to the goal, and could be the first to conquer Mount Everest. And Irwin’s body has still not been found.
Akershus Fortress, Norway.
The Oslo Fortress, known to locals as Akershus Festning, has been used since the thirteenth century as a prison and a place of residence for the Nazis. In addition to the vampires appearing, there is also the ghost of a dog that was buried alive in the Middle Ages to scare away intruders.
Myrtle plantation, USA.
Now this house is a hotel that serves excellent breakfasts. However, this plantation was considered one of the busiest places for ghosts. Local legend has it that in the 1800s, a slave poisoned the family of a plantation owner and was hanged for this crime. Since then, he and his dead children have been wandering around this territory. You can find out about other hotels with ghosts by visiting a special selection.
Highgate Cemetery, London.
Highgate Cemetery is the burial place of approximately 170,000 people, including the philosopher Karl Marx. In 1970, the Highgate cemetery was mentioned in the headlines of all the newspapers, in stories about vampires, occultists, desecrators of old graves, obviously trying to find a mysterious ‘vampire’.
The Castle of Good Hope.
The oldest building in South Africa, which is also the most visited building. Built by the Dutch East India Company in the seventeenth century, the star-shaped castle of Good Hope was long used as a prison, where the inhabitants were chained, tortured and executed. Today, the soldiers guarding the fort after dark are still concerned about the monstrous appeals of the victims for mercy.
Tao Dan Park, Vietnam.
With 10 hectares of gardens and tall trees, Tao Dan Park gives Ho Chi Minh City residents a chance to escape from the hectic traffic and noise of the city. But when the sun goes down, it’s not easy for the locals to relax. Rumor has it that the ghost of the young man who was killed in the attack is still wandering around Tao Dan Park, looking for his beloved.