Of course, it is difficult even to imagine, not to describe, all the sights that can be found walking through the streets of the Northern capital or visiting its surroundings. Majestic palaces, royal manors, magnificent cathedrals, spacious squares of St. Petersburg – yes, what you will not see here, in the city of Peter!
And after all, every building, every monument can tell a lot to a curious traveler. And often, it turns out to be not only informative, but also interesting to find out! When you return home, you will be able to show off beautiful photos, complementing the impression with fascinating stories from the life of Northern Palmyra. A list and a brief history of famous places that are worth seeing and visiting if you have become a guest of this wonderful city on the Neva is presented in this section.
TOP 10 attractions.
Is this your first time in St. Petersburg? Or do you have very little time for a walk around the city? We have selected for you 10 of the most interesting things that you can’t help but see after visiting the city on the Neva. These places are popular not only because they are mentioned in every guidebook, but also because each of them is a pearl of the history of Russia. The name of each of these places is associated with events, people, dates, causes and consequences that have forever changed the course of events in history.
TOP 3 museums.
Even if you are a fan of quiet halls filled with objects of art and history, then you just have to visit these museums. One of the greatest museums in the world, one of the largest art galleries in the country and a museum that was developed by Peter the Great himself .
The State Hermitage Museum, which was born in the 18th century as a private collection of Catherine II, has now become one of the richest museums in the world. It saves about 3 million priceless museum exhibits. It all started in 1754 during the reign of Elizabeth Petrovna. The project of the Winter Palace, where the Hermitage is located, was proposed by the leading court architect Bartolomeo Francesco Rastrelli.
The State Russian Museum, founded in 1895 by the decree of Nicholas II and open to visitors since 1898, became the first state museum of Russian fine art in Russia. The museum was founded by Nicholas in memory of his father, Alexander III, its arrangement was carried out on behalf of the sovereign by Grand Duke George Mikhailovich.
“I want people to watch and learn! “. This was the will of Peter I – to create a museum in Russia “for teaching and knowledge about living and dead nature, about the art of human hands”. Moreover, unlike other European museums, the entrance to the Kunstkamera was not only free, but even encouraged by the sovereign’s treats.
There are hundreds and thousands of large and small attractions in St. Petersburg. Here, every stone of the city center is imbued with history, every front door of an apartment building saw people, their lives and tragedies, every lantern illuminated the course of history. But it is impossible to find out all this at once, to describe it in one section. Therefore, to begin with, we have collected for you the main sights of St. Petersburg, after which you will certainly want to continue your acquaintance with this charming city.