Moscow is a beautiful city that attracts tourists with its beauty, long history, small alleys, pre-revolutionary buildings and of course churches. He sang about Moscow in poems, poems, songs, odes, short stories, novels and short stories. Anna Akhmatova, Alexander Blok, Karl Bryullov, Mikhail Bulgakov, Vladimir Vysotsky, Yuri Gagarin, Nikolai Gogol and many others lived and worked in Moscow. If you ask a person what Moscow is associated with, then this person will certainly answer without hesitation: “With Red Square, the Kremlin, St. Basil’s Cathedral and of course with the hotel Metropol.” Here you can relax in comfort and see unique monuments and buildings. There are a lot of options where to stop. Consider the most interesting and popular among them.
it was erected before the revolution in 1899-1905. This is one of the most famous Art Nouveau monuments in Moscow. Unfortunately, the hotel could not preserve its original appearance, as it was expanded and completed according to the Moscow reconstruction plan. But do not despair, because in the movies you can still see the old Moscow. For example, in the “Third Meshchanskaya”. It was in this hotel that all foreign guests and top officials of the country rested. Bernard Shaw, Mao Zedong, Alexander Kuprin, Sergei Prokofiev and many others rested in the wonderful rooms of the “Metropol”. The hotel has several large halls: large and small. There are many events held here, from official state events, to birthdays and weddings. In the” Metropol “they took the things of Italians, in the unique film “The Incredible Adventures of Italians in Russia”.
The next most popular hotel is the Moscow Hotel, which was born in 1932-1935. The history of this hotel is also very rich. It takes up almost an entire block. It was “Moscow” that became one of the first hotels in our capital. The hotel was demolished in 2004 and later renovated and expanded in 2013. According to the architects, it has preserved its original appearance. Now “Moscow” is not only a hotel, but also a chain of shops, restaurants and other entertainment facilities.
The third place in the rating is occupied by the hotel “National”. This hotel was built almost simultaneously with the hotel “Metropol” in 1901-1903. It was put into operation in 1903, so it can be considered the first hotel in Moscow. But it was not always a hotel. In the Soviet period, when the authorities moved to Moscow, this hotel was the so-called First House of Soviets. It should be noted that the hotel is not just a five-star hotel in the country, but is known all over the world. “National” has a large number of comfortable rooms with views of the Kremlin. The hotel also has huge halls where meetings, conferences, meetings and many other events are often held.
Of course, many hotels have been built in Moscow over the past decade. Among them are Lotte Hotel Moscow, opened in 2010, Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow, AZIMUT Hotel Tulskaya Moscow, Salyut or for example the Standard Hotel( you can see on the website and many others.
One thing is for sure: Moscow is a city of contrasts. Here you can plunge into the history of 100 and even more years ago, see the unique architecture of buildings, the works of famous masters, touch the past in the literal sense of the word, get into it. a past era. And on the other hand, there is a completely different world, a different era, a different time. Skyscrapers, glass blocks, new technologies, completely new architectural forms.
I wish every person who has visited Moscow to feel all the charm of this city and appreciate this city.