This 87-story skyscraper on the shore of the Gulf of Finland will become the official headquarters of Gazprom Neft. It is expected that the building will become the tallest in Europe, surpassing the Moscow skyscraper “Federation”. The total area of the complex is 400,000 sq. m.
Dubai Towers — The Lagoons.
Thompson, Ventulett, Stainback Project Team & Associates has completed the design of the “Lagoon” in Dubai (UAE) and very soon the sands of almost 5 square kilometers will become an exciting new giant complex, combining waterways, ports, incredible landscapes and new skyscrapers.
Scaly Tower, Zhuhai (China)
A 100-meter observation deck will be built at the intersection of two rivers in the Chinese city of Zhuhai. The tower, slightly turned in a spiral, resembles the outline of a fish’s body, and the facade is covered with panels of perforated aluminum, like scales.
Dancing Dragons, Seoul.
“Dancing Dragons” is the latest of 15 architectural projects launched so far in Yongsan, Seoul’s business district. It will consist of two towers of 88 and 77 floors, the exterior decoration of which will resemble the scales of a dragon. In fact, each scale is a window.
Endless City, London.
One of the most unusual and “natural” skyscrapers is planned to be built in London. The levels of the skyscraper will be formed by a kind of ramps located around the hollow atrium. And most importantly, there will be a lot of green areas and parks-a kind of new hanging gardens of Semiramis.
Infinite House, Sydney.
This is what the houses of the future will look like. A new luxury house with expensive restaurants called “Infinity” is being built in Sydney.
Spiral of Europe, Brussels.
Specialists from the Italian bureau MADEOFFICE designed the project of the “European spiral” for Brussels. The place and name are symbolic, since it is in this city that the headquarters of the European Union is located. The project aims to demonstrate the connection and cultural values of the countries of the European community.
City of dreams Hotel Complex, Macau (China)
The new 40-storey five-star hotel in the Chinese city of Macau (China) is the project of the legend of the architectural world — architect Zaha Hadid. This is a case where only the name of the creator says that it will be one of the most impressive buildings in the world.
Lava Bionic Tower, Abu Dhabi.
The design of this skyscraper was developed not only by architects, but also by biologists: in cooperation, they relied on the principles of the structure of trees and their protective mechanisms.
Bionic City, Shanghai.
In 15 years, China will build a tower city where 100,000 people will live. The unique structure, created according to the laws of bionic architecture, will be able to withstand fire, flood, earthquake and hurricane — a kind of Noah’s Ark of our time. The invulnerability of the skyscraper city is ensured by the fact that its structure was borrowed from the cypress tree: its green part consists of small scaly membranes, through which the wind of any force passes, and it does not move; its root system is incredibly branched, try to knock down or uproot a cypress — it will take incredible effort.