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The best restaurants in the world

The best restaurants in the world
  • Tokyo sushi restaurant Sukiyabashi jirō gained popularity after being featured in the documentary “Jiro’s Dreams of Sushi”, as well as after US President Barack Obama had dinner there with the Prime Minister of Japan. Lunch at this three-star Michelin restaurant (which, by the way, is located in the basement of an office building) lasts only 30 minutes and costs no more than $ 300. Sushi is prepared by the chef, and here they are the freshest.
  • Located on top of a cliff over the Pacific ocean restaurant Sierra Mar in big Sur, California, offers amazing ocean views through huge Windows from floor to ceiling, as well as one of the world’s best wine lists.
  • Restaurant D. O. M. is located in são Paulo, takes its ingredients from the Amazon forest. Here they prepare truly Brazilian dishes. The restaurant took the 9th place in the list of the best in the world this year.
  • Ithaa Restaurant is considered the world’s first underwater restaurant. It is located at a depth of 4 meters on the island of Rangali, which is part of the Maldives. Guests of this unusual establishment are surrounded by coral gardens and local exotic inhabitants of the water depths.
  • 360 Istanbul East is located on the roof of the Hilton Doubletree Hotel in Istanbul. It’s a restaurant, a bar, and a club all rolled into one. There is also a summer terrace and an infinity pool.
  • Blindekuh (translated from German as “blind cow”) has two “branches” – in Zurich and Basel, both in Switzerland. The restaurant is considered the first of its kind: here guests are served in the semi-darkness by partially or completely blind waiters.
  • Restaurant Per Se is called the New York version of The French Laundry, which is located in California’s Napa Valley. It is part of Chef Thomas Keller’s famous group of restaurants. The three-Michelin-starred establishment uses the French cooking method, and features a nine-course tasting menu and a nine-course vegetarian menu that changes daily.
  • Gaggan Restaurant, in Bangkok, serves innovative Indian dishes, thanks to which the institution took the 10th place in the list of the best restaurants in the world this year.
  • In the snowy village of Lainio in Finland, there is not only a snow hotel, but also a snow restaurant. Every year, it is built from 20 million kilograms of snow and 350,000 kilograms of ice. It serves traditional local dishes, and the temperature inside is always maintained from -2 to -5 °C, so you should dress warmly.
  • Aziamendi is located on the beautiful shores of Natai Beach in Phuket, Thailand. It is run by the youngest Spanish chef to receive three Michelin stars, Eneco Atcha. The menu is a fusion of Spanish, Basque and Thai cuisines.
  • Mi Casa — one of the best Spanish restaurants in Puerto Rico-is located in the Ritz Carlton Reserve resort, on the stunning Dorado Beach. The menu includes new versions of such classic dishes as asapao and lecho.
  • At the only three-star Michelin restaurant in Brooklyn called Brooklyn Fare, guests sit on chairs around the chef’s table. The restaurant draws inspiration from Japanese and French cuisine, so it serves mostly seafood.
  • Perhaps no view can compare to that of the restaurant La Chèvre d’Or in Eze, France, a city that lies between Nice and Monaco on the French Riviera. The restaurant is part of a charming hotel with views of the Mediterranean Sea.
  • If you are looking for a remote and very traditional restaurant, then Fäviken is the right place. Ranked 25th in this year’s list of the best restaurants in the world, this establishment is located in an 18th-century barn in the town of Jarpen, in Northern Sweden, and accommodates only 12 guests.
  • Temple Restaurant Beijing, with its European cuisine and Australian architecture, is one of the best in China, partly because it is located in a former Tibetan temple.
  • Perlan in Reykjavik is a rotating restaurant that makes a complete “turn” every two hours, giving guests the opportunity to see the city while enjoying delicious lobster dishes or foie gras.
    23.Paul Paire’s Ultraviolet restaurant in Shanghai is like no other. Here you can enjoy your meals in a special setting. Everyone sits at the same table with 10 seats in the same room, but each new dish is served to a new music and a new color.
  • L’antica Pizzeria da Michele may seem like a hole in the wall, but it has been serving traditional Neapolitan pizza since 1906. There are only two types of pizza in the pizzeria — “Marinara” and “Margarita”, because the original owner believed that there was no need to “clutter” the pizza with something else.
  • Alain Ducasse, a three-Michelin-starred restaurant located at the Hôtel Plaza Athénée in Paris, boasts ultra-modern and luxurious interiors, as well as a haute cuisine menu. The main delicacies of the restaurant are fish dishes.
  • Last year, the Central restaurant in Lima, Peru, took the first place in the list of the best restaurants in Latin America, and this year it became the fourth in the list of the best restaurants in the world. The establishment boasts a city garden, its own filtration system and local ingredients.
  • Another Thomas Keller restaurant (three Michelin stars) — French Laundry, which serves the best French dishes in the excellent atmosphere of Yountville-a town in California’s Napa Valley.
  • Sawada Restaurant in Tokyo is the best omakase restaurant (when the chef chooses what you will eat). This small establishment can accommodate only six guests at a time, the food takes about three hours, and the prices, I must say, are serious-starting at $ 270. But the sushi here is incredibly fresh-worth all of the above.
  • The open kitchen at the Test Kitchen Restaurant in Cape Town, South Africa, allows guests to enjoy their meals while watching the chefs work. This year, the restaurant was ranked 28th in the list of the best in the world.
  • Some of the most ordered dishes at L’Atelier Saint Germain de Joël Robuchon in Paris are steak, lamb ribs and foie gras. This two-star Michelin restaurant also gives guests the chance to see how their food is prepared.
  • Tuğra Restaurant is located in the extravagant Ciragan Palace Kempinski Hotel in Istanbul. Here, the Ottoman decor is perfectly combined with the historical cuisine and amazing views of the Bosphorus.
  • Bern’s Steak House in Tampa started as a buffet in 1953, but eventually grew to an eight-room restaurant with a dessert room. Bern, who opened this restaurant with his wife Herta, is no longer in this world, but the establishment is run by his sons.
  • The main detail of the Sibilla Ristorante restaurant is its location. This Italian miracle is located in the Italian city of Tivoli, at the base of two ancient Roman temples. What could be more delicious than enjoying Italian food among the ruins?
  • The main highlight of the Cabaña Las Lilas in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is the Argentine meat and Brazilian comfort and hospitality. The perfect place for meat lovers-chicken, veal and pork.
    35.The cuisine at Ezard restaurant is described as “Australian freestyle”. Located in the basement of a Melbourne building, this restaurant serves excellent seafood dishes.
  • The Osteria Francescana restaurant is owned and operated by Italian chef Massimo Bottura, who has returned to his hometown of Modena in Italy to open a restaurant. This is not only a three-star Michelin restaurant, but also the No. 1 restaurant in Italy, as well as the winner of the second place in the list of the best restaurants in the world this year.
  • Despite the fact that Madrid’s La Castela has now acquired the status of a tapas bar, it still has the atmosphere of a traditional Madrid tavern: marble, mirrors,a pewter bar and shelves with stucco. The choice of alcoholic beverages — you will get lost, and tapas are served mainly from seafood.
  • In his Sydney restaurant Quay, Chef Peter Gilmore serves dishes created from local products. The huge glass windows offer stunning views of the Sydney Opera House.
  • The Michelin-starred Narisawa Restaurant in Tokyo serves French dishes with Japanese ingredients. The restaurant took the 8th place in the list of the best in the world.
  • Blue Restaurant in Grand Cayman is part of the Ritz Carlton. It is the only Caribbean restaurant to receive the AAA Five Diamond award. French chef Frédéric Morineau specializes in fresh seafood caught near the island.