As of 2018, there were 252 countries in the world. This list includes independent States, dependent territories, and those with special status… It is not necessary to delve into politics to understand that they all differ in legislation, traditions and history.
In this article, we will talk about interesting facts about the countries of the world. You can find out which state has the most divorces, where the crime rate is higher, and where the environment is carefully monitored.
Perhaps this information will interest you, and you will want to learn as much as possible about a country, and maybe even visit it. This is not a rating of “the best”, it contains a variety of facts that have nothing to do with each other.

  1. India has a huge number of ethnic groups and religions.
    India is considered the most diverse country in the world in terms of the number of ethnic groups and religions . The population is 1.3 billion people (a sixth of the world’s total population). There are a lot of nationalities in this country.
    The largest peoples are Hindustani, Punjabi, Telugu, Bengali, etc. Residents of India speak different languages, the most common is Hindi, which is used by about 40% of the total population.
    There is also no consensus on religion:
    Hinduism-80%, Islam-14%, Christianity-2.4% Sikhism-2%, Buddhism-0.7%.
  2. Bangladesh has the worst environment on Earth.
    The leading position in the ranking of the dirtiest places on the planet is occupied by Bangladesh . “The zone of ecological and social disaster” – this is the name of this country. There are several hundred enterprises specializing in the leather industry.
    It seems that there is nothing wrong with this, but for the treatment of the skin, a solution of hexavalent chromium is used. After the completion of the work, it is not disposed of, but drained into the rivers. The average amount per day is 22 thousand liters, and, by the way, the ingress of this substance into drinking water is very dangerous. In most cases, it causes cancer.
    At the same enterprises, scraps and waste of leather are burned daily. This is the main cause of air pollution in the country.
  3. The Republic of Maldives is the leader in the number of divorces.
    The Republic of Maldives ranks first in the world in terms of the number of divorces . Surprisingly, this place is considered almost the best for a honeymoon. That’s just the locals do not seem to appreciate this gift of fate.
    According to statistics, there are 11 divorces per 1000 people (per year). Despite the fact that the state is Muslim, and marriage is taken seriously here, more than half of the marriages concluded break up.
    A woman can’t file for divorce, it’s a man’s right. Recently, the authorities of the Republic of Maldives have been puzzled by this issue. At the legislative level, measures are being taken, but how can you force two people to be together if they don’t want to?
  4. El Salvador is the country with the highest crime rate.
    The smallest country in Central America by area, but in the world it is known not only for its size. El Salvador is the leader in the number of crimes committed . Someone gets killed here every day. Every city has its own street gangs.
    Every day in the country, about 10 people die at the hands of criminals. On some days, the death toll is several times higher than this figure. There is information that no one was killed in the country on January 11, 2017. It was the greatest event in the history of El Salvador.
  5. In Nauru, almost 95% of the population is overweight.
    Many consider the United States to be the record holder for the number of people suffering from obesity. In fact, the first place belongs to Nauru. It is a dwarf state located in the western Pacific Ocean. So, about 21 thousand people live here, and 95% of them are overweight .
    The fact is that the inhabitants of Nauru are deprived of normal food. The country does not have its own food production facilities. Fruits and vegetables are not grown, as the land is not suitable for this. The basis of the diet of local residents is imported products, most of them are the cheapest and not useful.
  6. The United States in terms of population is only 5% of the total population of the Earth.
    The United States has the third largest population in the world, after China and India (328.1 million people). Americans are a heterogeneous nation, the racial composition of the country is heterogeneous. Caucasian, Negroid, Mongoloid…
    The population increases every year. For example, compared to last year, it grew by almost 8 million people.
  7. The Republic of South Sudan is the youngest country.
    The Republic of South Sudan is called the youngest country. The state gained independence from Sudan in 2011 . A long civil war, a large number of dead civilians…
    The people of South Sudan had high hopes that life would be quieter after secession. On July 9, 2011, the country celebrated Independence Day, and a big celebration was held. No one thought about the future, about financial problems, about inflation.
    Unfortunately, the residents did not wait for peace and prosperity. In 2013, a civil war broke out here, and in 2017, there was a famine.
  8. Iceland is the cleanest country on the planet.
    The “Land of Ice” turned out to be the cleanest on the planet . Very predictable. It is an island state that is washed on all sides by the Arctic Ocean. The air here is the cleanest. It is not surprising, because the waste of neighboring states simply does not get here.
    Although Iceland currently belongs to the industrialized countries, a significant share of the economy is occupied by fishing. There are no large industrial production facilities here. Geothermal energy is used for heating.
    We can say that the inhabitants of Iceland enjoy the gifts of nature. By the way, their average life expectancy is much higher than that of residents of other states.
  9. In Canada, half of the population has a higher education.
    This information was confirmed by Statistics Canada. If you look at the figures, you can see the following trend: 54% of the total population of the country have a diploma of higher education . The age of people participating in the survey varies from 25 to 64 years.
    In 2006, this figure was 48%, which means that Canadians began to study more. Most men and women try to get a higher education in order to earn good money. According to Statistics Canada, the salary of a woman with a university degree is 40% more than that of her” friend ” who graduated from college.
  10. Qatar is the richest country in the world.
    This state is located in the Middle East. It has a record high GDP per capita compared to other countries. Qatar is legendary. They say that you can not work here and at the same time live richly. The state is the largest exporter of oil and natural gas .
    Until a few decades ago, there was only sand on the site of beautiful cities. Now Qatar is an oasis in the desert, a paradise on earth. Local residents occupy leadership positions, and the service staff are newcomers, Egyptians or Filipinos. Taxes are paid only by companies, and the rate is low-only 10%.
    The state takes care of its citizens. The country has a low crime rate, free medical care. If a person is seriously ill and needs surgery abroad, the state will pay for his treatment. Tourists come to Qatar with pleasure. It is very beautiful here, and there is something to see.